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Empowering Creators To Monetize Their Passions

The Future Of Community Behind A Paywall

Jedari empowers digital community leaders by offering a customizable and comprehensive platform that prioritizes freedom of expression, data ownership, monetization, and meaningful  engagement. Our turnkey solution enables leaders to build, monetize, and connect within private, branded communities, challenging the norms of online interaction to foster genuine connections and financial growth.

We're committed to simplifying community leadership through an integrated platform that enhances the journey of building, managing, and monetizing online communities. By providing cutting-edge tools, exceptional experiences, and dedicated support, we empower our clients to realize their community and financial objectives.

The Story of Jedari

The Seed: Greg's Quest for Unity

At its core, this story begins with Greg W. Anderson, a community systems architect, who had a simple yet profound vision. He aspired to create a platform that would unite individuals from every corner of the world for collective meditative experiences. All existing social platforms unfortunately fell far short of this lofty ambition. Greg humorously noted, "Holding a meditation on Facebook is like trying to hold a prayer in the middle of a Walmart."

Before Jedari: The Birth and Evolution of OneMind

Undaunted, Greg forged ahead and birthed OneMind, the precursor to Jedari. OneMind successfully united individuals in the pursuit of beautiful group meditations. However, a significant shortcoming soon became evident. After two years and a thousand live meditation sessions, Greg discovered a critical flaw: OneMind lacked the capability to financially support its creators. It was a dream just out of reach, especially while he was on his personal quest for purpose deep within the Mexican jungles.

The Catalyst: A Coaching Business Challenge

In 2020, Greg's future business partner, who would later become the co-founder of Jedari, faced formidable challenges with his coaching business. Managing roughly a thousand coaching clients on Facebook, he encountered relentless bans and grappled with Facebook's inherently business-unfriendly environment. It was then that Greg accepted the challenge. He undertook the task of migrating the coaching business to a platform equipped with the essential business integrations needed for seamless operations.

The Rise of Jedari

This pivotal moment became the catalyst for the birth of Jedari. Co-founder Sean Whalen needed a platform optimized to run his coaching business, while Greg dreamed of a canvas for creators across the globe. Today, Jedari serves clients spanning a wide spectrum of industries, offering secure havens where diverse groups can convene while empowering them with potent business tools.

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Jedari is more than just a platform; it's a fusion of visionary ideals and technological prowess. It masterfully combines the best features of social media, powerful tools for connection, and strategic business elements. Jedari represents the culmination of Greg's relentless twenty-year pursuit — a powerful, comprehensive platform where dreams and communities not only endure but thrive.